A Message from the Chair  


I should say welcome to summer but as its pouring, perhaps we had summer at Easter.  That said, the half term activities were very well attended and the weather was lovely for our trip to Bristol Zoo - some people even witnessed a baby seal being born.


This summer we have some great activities planned - two BBQ’s, Drayton Manor Park, Legoland and Westonbirt along with the annual trip to Weston-Super-Mare.  Hopefully, there will be something for everyone.  I would also like to thank the Gloucestershire Masonic Charity Association for their generous donation towards paying for some families to go on the summer activities.


Fundraising continues to play a large part in the daily running of CADCAF.  As funders are generally cutting back on amounts they are able to give, it is becoming increasingly difficult to secure any funding.  Therefore if anyone has any new ideas, however small, of ways to raise money, then please let us know.


All that remains is for me to wish you all a long and happy summer and I hope to see many of you at CADCAF events.



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