How can counselling help me?

Parents and Carers have little time to think of themselves whilst caring for special needs children or a disabled, sick and dependant relative.

Counselling can give you an opportunity to be really listened to and deeply understood. So often the cared for person is being well looked after by professionals, but you may feel you need someone to talk to.

Counselling can be a particular source of help around the time of a child’s diagnosis, or a time of transition or change as your child gets older. Or when you feel overwhelmed and it feels hard to tell friends or relatives. Or perhaps when you need space to acknowledge you are an individual and a parent as well as a carer.

Feeling really listened to can help relieve stress and move you towards feeling more able to think about your priorities, decisions and choices, thus improving your own development, needs and future goals, leading to action planning if required.

We  currently deal with a trained counsellor who offers a specialist and unique counselling service for special needs families. Helping adult parents and carers with a variety of issues from child disability, stress, low self-esteem, family, relationship issues and more. Short or long-term counselling is offered.

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